viking life saving equipment

We focus on safety

Authorized Viking Servicing Station No. 827

We are approved Life raft/Lifejacket Servicing Station in Myanmar.

Our Scope of supply –

  • Supply and Servicing of Life raft, Lifejacket (Inflatable), Life buoy, Life Saving Equipment
  • Rental of Life raft, Lifejackets
  • Repair and Re-certification of Life raft, Lifejackets (Inflatable)
  • Rescue Boat Inspection and Servicing
  • Immersion Suit Inspection and Servicing
  • Chute System Inspection and Servicing

Full mix-and-match flexibility

With VIKING Shipowner Agreement, you can combine different life raft types and service options and vary the ratio whenever you need to – all under the same term and conditions. Choose between self-righting, throw-overboard and davit-launchable version in different sizes. We ensured they share the same packaging and rack mounts to make swapping them as easy as can be !

Our unique servicing network of Life raft & Lifejacket specialist performs customer convenient.

Our Working Experiences

Life Saving Equipment!

Life raft Servicing

Chute System Inspection & Servicing

Rescue Boat Inspection & Servicing

On-site Inspection & Installation of Life raft

Inspection & Servicing of Life rafts at Servicing Station

Inspection & Re-certification of Lifejackets

Work Boat Inspection & Servicing

Viking Exhibition

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