Changing Email Password

  1. Open a browser; Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, and enter this URL in browser’s address bar “” and you’ll see Webmail Login User Interface. 

        Figure 1 

  1. Enter your Email Address & Password and press “Log In”. If you ever once Logged in with Webmail, you’ll see as Roundcube Mail UI (Figure 2) and If not you’ll see Webmail Main UI (Figure 3). To change Email Password, you gotta enter to Webmail Mail UI if not press cPanel Logo circled with red color and you’ll see Webmail Main UI. 

                 Figure 2 

Figure 3 

  1. Scroll down and you’ll see Password & Security as showed in Figure 4. Click on it. 

Figure 4 

  1. In Password & Security, you can change your email password and here’s the term for password; One Capital Letter & Small Letter and Number at least 8 characters. (see Figure 5) 

Figure 5 

  1. If your new password met the minimum requirement, you successfully changed your password for email. (See Figure 6) and if you’re using your mail with Microsoft Outlook as Default Email App, see further steps. 

Figure 6 

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on file (see Figure 7). 

Figure 7 

  1. In File, Click on Account Setting, circled with red color. (See Figure 8) 

Figure 8 

  1. In Account Setting, Choose an Email Address you want to repair and click on Repair, highlighted with red Circle. (See Figure 9). 

Figure 9

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